Exquisite lie flat, high value EPP bean bag sofa chair new ideas

  •   2023-03-30

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Lie flat, has become a label for young people nowadays.

But for most people, continuous abduction by work, intermittent freedom to lie flat is the norm.

After a day's work, energy has been depleted, just want to go home and sofa date.

Neither tears, nor wild songs, even the phone does not have the strength to look, just lying quietly.

A sofa a world, a closed eye on the day.

Choose the right sofa, in order to make yourself more comfortable and more sophisticated lying.

Lazyboy sofa, is suitable for us to lie flat "lazy".


Bean bag sofa types

Since the introduction of the bean bag sofa, has been loved by young people, the appearance of more types, the following is a few usually in the online shopping platform to search for the sale of better bean bag sofa it!

Bean bag sofa: this can be said to be the basic model of bean bag sofa, if you do not know what kind of sofa to buy, then buy bean bag sofa is right.


Banana chair: as the name implies, is a shape like a banana chair. This is a sofa that can be swayed back and forth, similar to a bean bag sofa cushion on the rocking chair, so that the shape more closely fits the body curvature, and swaying back and forth also brings more leisurely feeling.


Caterpillar sofa: also called bed sofa, shaped like a caterpillar layers, this sofa is softer, longer, but also with a certain amount of support, you can completely lie on it to sleep. Very suitable for small homes without sofa design or balcony leisure space. Plus a carpet, laid-back feeling dang it out!


Bean bag sofa material

In addition to the appearance of the type, bean bag sofa surface material and padding material is also an important indicator of the choice of bean bag sofa.

The surface material of the bean bag sofa is mostly fabric, colorful and tactile. However, in order to prevent oil and dirt, now there are more bean bag sofa using technology fabric, this fabric is waterproof and stain-resistant, the price is also similar to ordinary fabric sofa, but with a few years will look older.


At present, more bean bag sofa has been used to fill the EPP particles, such particles compared to the previous EPS particles have a better resilience, so that the bean bag sofa "appreciation of taste" longer. In addition, this particle in the manufacture of chemical agents are not used, no harmful volatiles, will not harm human health.


Although b can not always lie flat, but relaxed, "sit-ups" is the norm of life, the rest time to rest, tired of a small pendulum rotten, only full of energy, to have more courage to face life!

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